Community Empowerment

Help a Child wants communities and all its members to be in the driver seat for their own development process. This means that  community members, including the most vulnerable are strengthened by organizing themselves in groups are involved in the project design from the very first start (also see community participation).  

The project design is done by the variety of genders, age and stage of development. As women are often inferior members of houlseholds and communities special attention is given to their participation and their rights.  To this end, we facilitate participative methods not to both female and male but also youth and children from  vulnerable community members such as disabled children.   

The community empowerment approach further involves the enhancement of the knowledge and skills of children, their parents and entire communities and thus empower them to look after themselves and each other on an enduring basis. The resources used in this context are awareness, training and the organization of collaborative and mutually supportive groups at community, local and regional level. The aim is to make villagers more conscious of their talents, skills and resources and show them what they can achieve by working together towards sustainbale well-being of the children and communities as a whole.