Parents (or caregivers) are the most essential key players in improving the wellbeing of children. Within the programs of Help a Child, parenting can be a great way to support parents and caregivers to give adequate and relevant support to their children.

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Parenting Challenge
Based on needs in the field, Help a Child designed a method called ‘The Parenting Challenge’. It is a method to improve the knowledge and skills of parents.

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Minimum requirements
Minimum requirements for parenting activities are described on page 14 of the Early Childhood Development Global Guidelines of Help a Child (see below).


Early Childhood Development Global Guidelines

The Early Development global guidelines of Help a Child describe what Help a Child means with Early Childhood Development and how this program component is related to the Nurturing Care Framwork (Unicef/WHO). It also describes the key activities and minimum requirements for both Early Childhood Education and parenting.

Early Childhood Development Global Guidelines