The interventions of organisations supported by Help a Child often include work with groups of people. Groups of youths, farmers, community members, women, parents, or others. While such
groups often have specific purposes, they often also have the objective to contribute to empowerment of the community as a whole. Getting insight in this process of empowerment is not
easy and often is not done. This need has resulted into a community empowerment scorecard, were the level of empowerment of the community is measured by the groups.

Secondly the functioning and the ability to be effective in specific objectives of the groups is very useful information for the implementing partners, as well as for Help a Child. This information is
captured in the Group capacity scorecard. Both scorecards are conducted at the same time with the same groups, were the empowerment scorecard is conducted first.

The community empowerment scorecard that is presented here attempts to offer an instrument that can be used to get insight in the status of the community’s empowerment. And while
groups discuss their empowerment, such discussions may themselves be empowering and lead to further improvements in people’s situations. The intention is that using this community
empowerment scorecard leads to direct benefits for the group that spends its time on it, while it also provides useful information to Help a Child and her partner organisations. The usefulness of this
approach will be bigger as the exercise is repeated regularly, such as every six months.