Early childhood development (ECD) is the development of children from conception until the age of approximately 7. Most of the development of children takes place before the 5th year. Children learn several skills and competences, needed for further development. One of the most important competence is feeling safe, basic trust in self and others. This is the base for the personal development of a child. Once missed, it is very hard to catch up…

Good quality services like early childhood education and parenting classes support young children to develop to their full potential. These services should be holistic and integrated in order to be effective.

Investing in young children's development: a good start for the future

  • It creates a good foundation for the rest of the child's life.
  • It yields a high return on investment and the return is higher than investing the same amount later in life.
  • It benefits not only the individual and the family, but also society as a whole.