Children grow up, everywhere in the world, generation after generation. It seems so normal and easy, but it can be really difficult for them. Going to a children’s club can help them. At a children’s club they can learn in a playful way by doing games, hearing stories and working together. Playful learning is the most natural form of learning. It challenges children to come in action and move their borders, playing helps children to develop themselves. Playing influences the development on intellectual, social, emotional and physical skills.

We created a CATCH UP! package to give you the opportunity to start up a children’s club or find more activities to do at your children’s club. Watch the introduction video and start with the children’s club presentation to learn more about the CATCH UP! package.

Check out the activities book & the ‘how to’ for organizing and facilitating a children’s club. Do you want to be trained about this subject? At the workshop button you can find more information about arranging a training.