In many cultures, the question ´how are your children doing?´ is one of the first sentences after the initial greeting. The question about the wellbeing of children is integral part of any relationship between people in cultures where this question is indeed part of normal greetings.

If the name of your organization is Help a Child, then one should be able to give an answer to this question that goes somewhat further than the customary response ´fine´. Help a Child felt the need to develop ways of monitoring that would provide insight in the wellbeing of children in an integrated or holistic manner. Several options were brainstormed and this manual describes one of these options piloted in 2012, and rolled out as a baseline study for all ReKs partners in 2013 and 2014. In the end of 2014 the methodology was evaluated with three partners of ReK and the M&E staff of ReK.

This section gives tools and guidelines for measuring the Child Status Index. Lessons learned from 2012-2014 have been taken along. The CSI measures the opinions of children on their wellbeing and of the opinions of teachers on the same children’s wellbeing.