Red een Kind has set priorities for the years to come with regards to the areas in which expert thematic support will be provided.

  • The first one is to provide children with a good start. Early Childhood Development, the development of children from the conception till 7 years old is important. Nutrition, health, but also social and emotional support for the children and preparation for school will get specific attention in the programs of Red een Kind.
  • Another focal point will be on the youth. A lot of attention will be given to agricultural skills (AVET) and entrepreneurial and business skills, since this will fit best in the rural settings Red een Kind is working in.
  • Red een Kind will put a lot of effort in empowerment of communities; in capacity building of community groups and structures and in transforming people from within, helping them with the mind-set they need to develop their own community and ensure their children grow up well.

This subject is described in the chapter REK development philosophy as part of our program manual.