As Help a Child started its country offices, there was a need to make division of mandates between the office in Zwolle NL and the country offices. This division deals with different areas of mandates:

When reading the division of mandates it is good to realize that some organizational principles play an important role:

As an organization we take the following principles very seriously:

  • · Participation: as much as is practical people in the organization should participate in decision making as it enriches the quality of the decision.
  • · Consultation: people who are affected by a decision should be consulted in that decision.

If we look at the highest level of our organizational objectives and mandate we see the following balance in main responsibilities:

  • · Zwolle guards the promise that we have made towards our private constituency.
  • · The country office guards our objective of helping the child in the best way.

Also we see that the following organizational coordination principles apply best to our organization:

  • · Mutual adjustment coworkers
  • · Results are agreed upon and monitored
  • · The right skills and knowledge are standardized
  • · Shared inspiration & goal, mission & vision

The following division of mandates should be read in the light of what has been stated above.