This is a list of all the CAM manual related annexes. They can be found in the available files section.

Appendix CAM1: CAM Feasibility Assessment
Appendix CAM2: Parental Consent Form
Appendix CAM3: Child Introduction Sheet Format
Appendix CAM4: Family Introduction Sheet Format
Appendix CAM5: Instruction Child Photo
Appendix CAM6: Leaving Form Format
Appendix CAM7: Child Illness Report
Appendix CAM8: Child Monitoring Plan Format
Appendix CAM9: Family Monitoring Plan Format
Appendix CAM10: Context Letter Format and Guidelines
Appendix CAM11: Context Letter Example
Appendix CAM12: Letter Writing Format and Guidelines
Appendix CAM13: Annual Progress Report Format
Appendix CAM14: Program Newsletter Format
Appendix CAM15: Program Newsletter Guidelines
Appendix CAM16: Program Newsletter Example
Appendix CAM17: Storytelling Example